IT Support / Administrations

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This is a service offering to all small to medium sized businesses that are looking for a team that will ensure that their business's IT requirements are met and that the necessary assistance is given at the right time.
We as a company use a best practices approach to our problem solving and troubleshooting methods this is to ensure that when a problem is fixed it stays that way. With the IT environment constantly changing we also implement continuous improvement processes in our business as well as in our clients working environment so that we and our clients can work at our optimum level when performing our duties.

Services we offer:

Remote Support - We assist users via software that allows us to connect and work on our clients computers without leaving our offices. A stable internet connection is needed. In most cases this is the fastest and most convenient way to resolving issues.

Onsite Support - When it is necessary for us to come out to our clients place of business in order for us to resolve an issue or accomplish a task where a remote session is not an option. We are situated in the Western Cape and therefore support the entire Cape Peninsula, CBD and as far as Vredendal in the north and as far as Hermanus to the east.

Hand Holding - When new technology or software is being implemented in your business, it's always a good thing to have a knowing smile nearby to make you feel at ease when going through these transitions.

Training - Though to make breakthroughs in life a person mustn't be afraid to be the first to try something new however we as a company always can assure you that knowledge before action is the best way to gain a better understanding of the actions you want to perform. So if someone knows how to do it then it's better to learn from them, it's quicker and easier. This way you don't develop time consuming methods and prevent avoidable distaters from happening. So if there is anything new to learn we will be the ones to acquire the knowledge and make the mistakes so that our clients won't have to.

After Hours Service - We pride ourselves to be able to assist our clients anytime of the day. This says that we don't hide behind normal working hours when their is a crisis to resolve. This also allows us to work at a time that will cause the least disruption to the day to day running of your business.

Intermediary - We offer our services as a mediator between our clients and 3rd party companies to resolve any IT related issues. Leaving our clients the time to focus on running their own business.

We have two options; we either render our services on an Ad-hoc basis or a Contractual one.

Ad-hoc Basis
This simply means that we offer our extensive experience and knowledge to the existing problem or situation and continue to the task until it's resolved or completed. This service offers the client no monthly obligations and they call on us when they needs us the most. Our services are charged at our normal hourly rate.

Contractual Basis
We enter into an SLA (Service Level Agreement) where we are obligated to perform the abovementioned tasks for a reduced monthly fee. This contract can include additional IT related services and products that are specified under the agreement that caters for your business unique requirements. Under this agreement we administrate and maintain your computer network as well as the software on all the computers. This is to ensure that there is only one company responsible for preserving and protecting the integrity of your IT infrastructure and everything in it.