Office Automation

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There are a variety of elements within a company that can be categorised under this topic. Our company's focus and not limited to are Multi Functional Printers, AV Solutions, Time and Attendance, PBX and Computer Networks. These are devices and computer equipment that has replaced certain manual process in the day to day running of a business.

Though some of our focus elements are mentioned in more detail in other pages on our website is was just worth mentioning the integral relationship all these components have in helping create a successful business in today's world.

Products / Services

  • Multi Functional Printers
  • Audio Visual Equipment
    • Television Screens
    • Projectors
    • Sound systems
    • DSTV Installation
    • Media Center peripherals
  • Door Closers and Electric Locks
  • Computer Network Equipment
    • WiFi Access Points
    • Point to Point Devices
    • Routers / Modems
    • Cable Management
    • Server Cabinets.
  • Repair and Maintenance Service on all Office Equipment