Computer Networking

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What is a computer network?

A computer network is a system in which multiple computers are connected to each other to share information and resources e.g. printers, internet, etc.

Is your company relocating to another building or area and/or resizing to cater for changes in your business?

Well, let us help you take out the hassle of making sure your IT infrastructure is setup so that it minimizes disruption and maintains the streamline of your business processes.
This can include any and all our products and services combined. e.g Installation of your PBX (telephone system), acquisition of new IT hardware like computers or printers. Assistance of installation and setup of specialised equipment unique to your business.

Opening up a new branch or would like to access your business resources from another location?

We can ensure that your resources are safe and secure within your business network and make it possible to access them from anywhere in the world without comprising on security. From sharing information across one or more branches or if you just want to work from home or aboard.