Online Backup Services

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Data Insurance? Never heard of it… not in the conventional term anyway. Well, some say money can’t buy you love and in most cases it won’t get your valuable information back either, if disaster should strike.
Most companies backup their data, leaving this important task to one of their employees or department heads. Though this is a sound plan and we recommend such action, one cannot be too careful with data you cannot afford to lose.

Our backup offering is an automated process using sophisticated software to backup your valuable information on a remote server where it is safely kept. So when the unexpected happens and your information is lost due to theft, computer crash, accidental deletion, etc you can rest assure that you will be able to recovery your data again.

And more importantly it’s secure and encrypted. So unlike free online storage e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive, no one can accidently get access to, change or delete your sensitive information.

If immediate access to your backed up data is required then we can also arrange for a local backup storage setup.