Access Control / Security

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In today's working world your business is not immune to criminal activity. That is why it is crucial to keep an eye on your business. There are many obvious forms of crime e.g. burglary, theft or robbery. These are crimes that can affect your business.

There also other forms of stealing that can go unnoticed that can cause huge losses to a business e.g. employees being constantly late for work, using company stationery or equipment for personal use, doing personal activities during working hours, etc. Some companies ignore or tolerate such behaviour. Not only does this encourage others to do it, it also reduces moral in those who are honest who soon find themselves seeking other places of employment. Keeping a tight ship by having control points in place to curb undesireable behaviour creates an ethical and good working environment that will in turn attract efficient workers into your workplace.


  • Biometric or RFID Tag Readers at access points
  • Door Entry Systems
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Alarm Systems
  • Intercoms
  • Gate Motors
  • Boom Gates
  • Repair and Maintenance Service on all Security Equipment